Metricorn by Checklet

About This App

Metricorn grew out of an earlier application that we made called TaxTime, which does the math for you so that you can spend more time on the part of your business that you love–creating.

Net sales and shipping totals are broken down by month, quarter, and year as well as by state/region and country. Get a clear view into exactly what you sold when, and where it was sold to.

You can now also view graphs for each period (quarter, month, week), and can see the sales at the detail level, showing buyer information with links back to the transaction on Etsy for quick access.

We also show you your Etsy fees, also broken down by period.

And due to huge demand, you can now connect as many Etsy shops as you like to a single Metricorn account.

And the best part? We sync your Etsy sales and expenses every five minutes, so you don't have to wait until the next day to see your updates! We're working with Etsy to get this down to an even lower time so that your dashboard is as real-time as possible.

Etsy sellers use Metricorn:

• For doing their quarterly and yearly income taxes
• When preparing summaries for their accountant (monthly, quarterly, yearly)
• For determining trends in their sales and expenses

...and some people just use it simply because they are data junkies!

Metricorn - making the numbers mean something!