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Finding the Ring

May 22, 2012 in
Tiger in a Jar

Tiger in a Jar is a creative studio run by husband and wife team Matt and Julie Walker. We document life through film and pictures and enjoy spending time in the kitchen and obsessing over food.

It’s the beginning of something big. Against the odds, you’ve found each other. Hand in hand, you’re ready for forever. As exciting as your story has been, it’s about to get better — it’s time to find a ring.

The soft gleam of sapphire; the warm glow of gold; something vintage with a history, or something created just for you. Find a ring that sets the stage for the wedding and life to come, a ring as unique and special as your love. Find the one you want to spend the rest of your life with.

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Tiger in a Jar

Special thanks to Etsy sellers SpecimentalOne Stone New York; Antique Sparkle; Janish Jewels; Erstwhile Jewelry; Kate Szabone; and Ebeniste. The song featured in the video is “Aviary,” written by Mint Julep, from the album “Save Your Season” released by Village Green.

  • LoveErica

    Erica Fkiaras from LoveErica says:

    Cute article! It's so true -- most commercial jewelers are looking to sell you a ring that has been mass produced. Engagement and wedding rings should be unique and rare. I love that Etsy can connect buyers with unique and high quality items and talented sellers. P.S. Hi TigerInAJar! I LOVE the videos you make and put on your blog! xo

    1 year ago

  • Venust

    Mecca from VenustBridal says:

    I love this collection! I highly recommend a unique vintage or antique ring. I was blessed with my fh's grandmothers ring set from the 1940s and I cannot imagine anything more grand :)

    1 year ago

  • RedorGrayArt

    Elaine Kean from RedorGrayArt says:

    lovely and such an important piece of the whole wedding!!

    1 year ago

  • faeriejane

    Valerie says:

    I adore Tiger in a Jar -- you make simple things come to life.

    1 year ago

  • sarantos

    sarantos from SARANTOS says:

    People need to take into consideration how much wear the rings will be going through when purchasing. If you are active certain styles will not hold up.

    1 year ago

  • barbris210

    Barbra Resnick says:

    So exciting to see my engagement ring on this blog post! I have the Morganite ring from One Garnet Girl, just in palladium white gold instead of the rose gold shown. I still stare at it all the time, and I've been engaged for almost six months! Her stuff is amazing!

    1 year ago

  • coalchild

    coalchild from coalchild says:

    like this video...the rings are very romantic ..great googli moogli

    1 year ago

  • kissbridal

    Alice Li from kissbridal says:

    Very beautiful

    1 year ago

  • VirginiaGeigerJewels

    virginia geiger from VirginiaGeigerJewels says:

    Beautiful! After 15 years of marriage, I am looking for a unique ring that I can add to my very traditional engagement and wedding rings. This was great inspiration!

    1 year ago

  • poptart524

    Lindsey Bekemeyer says:

    I loved this video! So creative and captivating! The transitions were perfect. I love browsing rings here on Etsy and maybe one day soon, my fella will purchase my ring here!

    1 year ago

  • DaisyandFlorrie

    Sue from DaisyandFlorrie says:

    Just lovely and charming! As I approach 30 years of marriage, my ring still enchants me and is now joined by my Grandmother's and my Mom's rings. I wish all of those looking for "their" ring much joy. Your video captured the moment - cheers!

    1 year ago

  • stephanieofmonaco

    Stephanie from stephanieofmonaco says:

    Very impressive. Loved all the rings. There is something for everyone and they aren't the cookie cutter mall rings.

    1 year ago

  • antiquebeginnings

    Becky Van Loozen McCarty from Antiquebeginnings says:

    Beautiful items to choose from. Unique items to impress the woman of any man's dream yet simple.

    1 year ago

  • JanePhillips

    Jane Phillips from myCrazyHands says:

    ♥...:) Wow how delicate they are !

    1 year ago

  • SomsStudio

    Som from SomsStudio says:

    I can marry again in a kateszabone ring! Wow!!

    1 year ago

  • SenoritaJoya

    Dorottya from SenoritaJoya says:

    ♥ Yes, wedding jewelry could be so much more prettier when a bride come and tell their "story" - this way they're inspiring the jeweler (me ;)) xoxo

    1 year ago

  • Elenikay

    Eleni k from Elenikay says:

    Sooo beautiful!

    1 year ago

  • lindasline

    lindasline from lindasline says:

    I am 66 years young and marrying for the first time in October. Yes, you read correctly! Being in love knows no boundaries of age. My engagement ring was my mother's-sapphires and tiny diamonds. I love it and it is a constant memory of Mom. My wedding band was hers, also. It was an old setting that she had kept after taking the stones out and having them remounted. I was delighted to discover the setting. My fiance had the stones replaced and the ring matches the engagement ring perfectly. I am so happy. I already have something old, borrowed, and blue!

    1 year ago

  • angeew

    Angee and Vincci from ANGEEW says:

    Love this video and what a great inspiration on choosing a unique story to wear rather than a plain big rock on the ring finger!

    1 year ago

  • noaissler

    Noa Segev from Brinkle says:

    soooo nice! love it!

    1 year ago

  • reneeyou

    Renee Yu from myjunebugg says:

    i loved this video! so creative :)

    1 year ago

  • Isadorabridal

    Isadorabridal from Isadorabridal says:

    i agree, rings should be creative and unique to express your love

    1 year ago

  • pbtreasures

    Pamela Brumbley from thebohemianbookshelf says:

    love these unique rings!

    1 year ago

  • reshefmaia

    Maia Reshef from MaiaArtsAndCrafts says:

    I just love the rings...beautiful precious stones. Makes me want to marry :-)

    218 days ago

  • hodderdesigns

    Samantha Hodder from hodderdesigns says:

    Beautiful video, and a gorgeous selection of rings. I would definitely want my wedding ring to be unique and handmade rather than mass-produced!

    45 days ago