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Saving the Date, Setting the Tone

May 3, 2012 in handmade and vintage goods

Photo by alhinspired

Kelly Beall
Kelly Beall

Kelly Beall is the mind and keyboard behind Design Crush. Every Design Crush post is kept short and sweet (“crush-sized”), showing off anything and everything inspiring. When she's not blogging, Kelly can be found at work as a freelance graphic designer and creative consultant.

The save the date is all powerful. It has the ability to set the tone for an entire wedding event. Is it classic or chic? Colorful or monochromatic? Maybe it’s playful and quirky. With so much pressure to choose something that expresses the aesthetics of you and your betrothed, it’s easy to be overwhelmed.

What does your style say about your big day? I’m dreaming all over the place about what my (maybe someday) big day might be like! Here are a few ideas to get you started.

I love the idea of a big outdoor get together with Mason jars full of wildflowers, checked tablecloths, wooden folding chairs, and little cheeseburgers. In other words, a wedding where everyone can really feel free to be themselves and let their hair down. There would most definitely be lemonade and streamers, and maybe even fireworks to celebrate at the end of the night!

Clean lines, pops of bright color, and oh so much fun! I imagine a photobooth with tons of props, cocktail dresses, and champagne coupes. Maybe a classic restaurant with fairy lights strung from the ceiling and big number balloons for table numbers, too. Lighthearted and fun with the drinks a-flowin’, this will be a wedding they’ll talk about all year long.

Start with a puffy tea-length dress in the palest of pinks, a classic groom in bow tie, and popcorn for the guests to munch: in other words, the kind of knot-tying your mom wished she had. Bunches of balloons and gentle gold details complete this vision. Include a massive chalkboard seating chart and noise blowers to say farewell.

Be it a sandy beach, a mountain inn, at the lake house or on a boat, your nearest and dearest have traveled far and near to share the day. Make it a small and intimate affair with plenty of stories and toasts. Celebrate long into the night with those you love best under the stars.

Picture big details done in the simplest of ways, with modern and vintage living in harmony: white tablecloths, cupcakes, and buttons for the guests to wear. And of course, what kind of wedding would this be without requisite gettin’ down on a classic checkered dance floor?