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How do I offer and promote a coupon code in my shop?

To offer discounts to buyers, you can create three types of custom coupon codes.

  • Percent Discount: A flat percentage off each listing in a shopper's entire order (not applied to shipping costs or tax rates). 
  • Free Shipping: Removes shipping costs on the shopper's order; this can be limited to orders shipped within your country.
  • Fixed Dollar Amount Discount: Subtracts a set amount, such as $5, from an order.

A buyer can enter your code during checkout. Learn how to apply a coupon code during checkout.

To create a coupon code, your shop needs to be open to the public. If it is, go to Your Shop > Coupon Codes (under Promote in the sidebar). Click Create New Coupon.


Enter a 5-20 character alphanumeric code. Each code for your shop must be unique. 

If you select to make it a Thank You Coupon, we'll email it automatically to buyers after they purchase from you. That way, you encourage repeat business. Buyers need to opt in to get these emails under Your Account > Settings > Emails. You can only have one active Thank You Coupon at a time.

Next, choose the type of coupon from the drop down menu: Percent Discount, Free Shipping, or Fixed Discount.

Set the status as active or inactive. Click Add Coupon to create the coupon code. 

Please note: If you choose the Fixed Discount option you must enter a minimum purchase price. In addition, your fixed discount cannot be higher than 90% of the minimum purchase price.

Things to Note When Creating Your Coupon

  • You can set an expiration date to your coupon code. Coupon codes expire on the date you select at 12:00 a.m. ET.
  • A Percent Discount coupon is only applied to the item price, not shipping or sales tax. Sales tax is calculated based on the discounted item price, not the full item price. Etsy's 3.5% transaction fee is applied to the discounted price.
  • A Percent Discount coupon applies to all items listed in your shop; you cannot restrict a code to certain items or sections. 
  • You cannot edit the name or percentage of a code once it has been created, as this could cause confusion for shoppers. 
  • If you delete a coupon code, you cannot reuse the same coupon code in the future. 
  • You can change the status of a coupon code at any time by visiting Your Shop > Coupon Codes. Here you can choose to activate, deactivate, or delete any of the coupon codes you've created. 
  • You can track the number of times a coupon code is redeemed.
  • Once activated, your coupon code remains available for repeated use until you deactivate it.
  • Due to the way we have to calculate the discounts associated with coupons, occasionally fixed discounts can be off by a very small amount.

Promoting Your Coupon Code

You’re welcome to display your coupon code in your Shop Announcement, Public Profile, and item descriptions. You could also promote your code on Facebook and Twitter.

Check out these posts on Etsy's blog for more ideas on how to use coupon codes to promote your shop and gain customer loyalty: Coupon Codes for Your Etsy Shop & Fostering Repeat Business.


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