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Meet people with common interests and collaborate.

Dutch Handmade

This is the ETSY team for sellers located in Flanders (Belgium) and the Netherlands.

Etsy in Dutch

Help Etsy speak Nederlands even better than we already do!

United Dutch Artists team

'The Netherlands, Nederland & Holland' is the team of artists who sell on Etsy and are located in The Netherlands or....

Dutch wedding design

Everything about weddings in the Netherlands.

The Dutch Tea Party

Voor liefhebbers van thee, taart, vintage servies en aanverwante zaken


Dutch Lampwork Team where all dutch beadmakers can join and help promote eachother

Nederlandse Etsy Community

Dit is de Nederlandse Etsy Community, iedereen is welkom om deel te nemen.

Innovative jewellery designers in NL

to bring in contact jewellery and design accesories makers in The Netherlands

Etsy in Utrecht

This team is for Etsy sellers located in Utrecht. Share tips and tricks, collaborate, help eachother, get to know new people.

Etsy Nijmegen

Voor actieve Etsy verkopers uit de omgeving Nijmegen