• by Linden Tibbets

    IFTTT is a service that lets you create powerful connections with one simple statement: if this then that.
  • Get free promotion and marketing for your Etsy shop by listing your coupons, deals, and flash sales on our site.
  • by Tom Anderson

    This application works directly inside Etsy. Enhansty gives you: Infinite scroll on Searches, Listings, Shops, and Favorites. Listing Tags. Add to Cart, Add to Treasury, and Zoom button straight from the preview image. Saved Searches so you can save the searches you always look for on Etsy. A Drag and Drop option for choosing the items to be featured in your shop. First dibs page so you can see the new shops being created on Etsy.
  • Full-Blown website AND social Facebook page integration, absolutely free. And we have GORGEOUS themes.
  • by Daniel Dickison

    Etsy on your iPhone! Etsy Addict gives you a quick and efficient way to access Etsy from your iPhone or iPod Touch.
  • Treasury creating never be so easy before.
  • by Roy Yang

    *** Lovingly made for Apple iPad and Apple iPad Retina *** I Heart Etsy was designed especially for Etsy lovers. It provides an ideal browsing experience and seamlessly integrates with your Etsy profile to make your shopping experience fun, easy, and addicting.
  • by Eric

    Finally organize all of your Etsy™ favorited shops and items. Make any number of lists, name them anything you like, drag your favorited items into them, and welcome back to sanity!
  • Tools For Etsy is Mobile-friendly website with specialized tools for Etsy Sellers and Buyers. Tagwars for comparing Relevancy Tag searches side-by-side & Consolidated Feedback for viewing the old Feedback system as a conversation in cronological order. More tools coming soon!
  • by Vinh Pham (WorkingPoint)

    WorkingPoint is a comprehensive small business financial management suite that Etsy Sellers will love. We offer Inventory Management, Book Keeping, Purchase Orders and much more. With tight integration between Etsy and WorkingPoint you will be able to manage your finances like a pro without having to be one. Get started on your 90-DAY FREE TRIAL today!
  • by Ilia Tslaf is all about fashion, art, craft and style! Open your ad campaign with Styls and gain exposure for your item when recommended by Styls members!
  • by Share Magnet

    Turn customers’ purchases into highly credible Social Media Marketing for your store with Social Rebate!
  • by Julie Price helps you to manage your online identities at one place. See your tweets, Instagram photos, Foursquare check-ins and Etsy sales at the same time.
  • by 26olivestreet

    Allows a user to upload a JPEG and cross-reference items on that match a color contained in the uploaded image. New features: Add search result items to Etsy favorites and save & share your ColorMatch session via direct link or social network.
  • by Graeme

    EtsyEspy is a Buyer's tool for browsing the vast collection of Listings available in a meaningful and creative way.
  • by tronaHUE

    Marketing and Sales Tools For Your Etsy Shop. Scrolling widgets for your blog. Create product flyers for your shop. Download your shop's current inventory in CSV (Excel) format. View your shop's statistics. View your shop's hearts and lots more. ===== ====

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