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Meet people with common interests and collaborate.

The Business of Doing Business

This team is for anyone who is running a business and is looking for guidance or would like to provide guidance for others.

Handmade Business

For those seeking to improve their business and share their ideas.

Mums Helping Mums

A team for mums to help and support each other to build their businesses.

Shop Help

Few views? No sales? Ask for advice, promote your shop, anything you need to do to get your business going.

Business Card Networking

Networking through sharing business cards

A Helpful Handbook

Let's learn about navigating etsy!

Etsy Success and Business Topics

Learn the ins and outs of being an independent business owner on etsy site.

New York State Business

Help with NY sales tax & business registration issues

Childrens Boutique Business Tips

New and experienced children's boutique sellers who team up to give business tips, advice, motivation, and support