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Meet people with common interests and collaborate.

Help Us Get Sales

This team is for sellers who have had very few sales, AND buyers who are willing to help us.

PBT (Pure Business Team)

Pure Business... and a little fun too!

Edible Business Owners

Do you make awesome creations in or out of your kitchen? Do you own a business- baking, grilling etc. Well this the page for you.


A group of people originally united by th FB networking page I Run A Small Business

Mission Small Business: Team Get Votes

This team is created to help eachother get votes

Alabama Tornado Help

Collecting fabric for a friend who lost her everything in Alabama Tornado

Lets Talk Business

If you sell items in your shop where commercial use permission is available.

Building Your Online Business

Membership is currently closed and by invitation only.

Show & Tell- your Etsy Business- Team (Satet)

We are a small tight knit group helping better our shops while learning the ropes.With a common goal to quit our day jobs! & Helping Animals