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Meet people with common interests and collaborate.

Kiva Team

We are a group of etsians who seek to support small business people around the world

Beginner Crochet and Knit Shops

For all beginner shops to help support each other and get the word out there for us new Etsy go-ers!

Just Tweet!

Dedicated to helping team members succeed through the daily promotion of each shop by tweeting items from each team members shop every day.

Critique the shop above you!

Helping Etsy shop owners get useful critiques on their shops and items to help them improve their business!

Handmade in Vancouver Networking Group

Whether you're trying to start your own business or have been selling your wares for years, let's help each other increase sales!

Craft Talk Buzz

This team is a place to come together to talk about crafts and to help each other promote.

Greater Seattle ARea

This is a team to get to know your fellow business men/ women in the greater Seattle area.

Quoth The Raven

Let our business stand apart from the masses.

The Little Guys and Gals

No one starts at the top, and we all have an uphill battle with big corporations with deep pockets. Join me on the first steps to a career.