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How do I reserve a listing for a specific buyer?

Congrats on your (soon-to-be) sale!

If a buyer wants to purchase a specific item in your shop, but they can’t at the moment, you may wish to reserve the item for them.

To reserve a public listing, put “RESERVED for (buyer’s username)” at the beginning of the listing title and description. Be clear, because it's still possible for other buyers to purchase the item.

Then, send the listing page's URL to the buyer. 

  • For privacy, some buyers don't like to have their username in the title of the listing. Ask your buyer what name they'd prefer you use. 

Uploading a photo that clearly states the item is reserved can help designate it from your other listings.

photo by ellieohdesigns

Photo for reference only. Please provide your own image for custom listings in your shop.

If you’d like to create a private custom listing for your buyer, you can enable the custom request tool in your shop’s settings. This will allow you to create a private custom listing directly from their request, which means other buyers won’t be able to purchase the item. 

Learn how to create custom listings.

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