Cerena Leigh's Teams

Meet people with common interests and collaborate.

Etsy Contest

Talk about the shops & products featured at - a contest for handmade and vintage items with a different category each day.

Etsy On Tumblr

A team for Etsy sellers with a Tumblr blog to share advice and tips, to find, follow, re-blog and help promote each other.

Etsy Owl Lovers

For all of the crafters and buyers out there that just adore owls. This is a place where you will find the cutest owls on etsy.


A team for people who love video games. No need to sell video game stuff in your store - all video game lovers are welcome!

Leaders of Vintage

A team for anyone interested in Vintage

The Etsy Exchange

Interested in trading or barter with other etsy shop owners? This is the place for you :)

Yay for Trades

This team is for anyone who enjoys trading and wants to trade! Click here for rules and such ^ . ^