AestheticsUnlimited's Shop Announcement

*+*Welcome To AU1 Shop*+* NEW ITEMS COMING SOON*+*SHIPPING RATES May Need To Be Updated*+*METEORITES / CRYSTALS / Wire Wraps / Jewelry etc. are being *Mixed In - PLEASE *Check *Sections*+* PLEASE READ POLICIES BEFORE PURCHASE*+*Top Quality Mineral Specimens In Perky & Larger Size Display Boxes*+*Shipping Rates May Need To Be Updated*+*Prices Are Subject To Change At Any Time*+*

*+*SORRY = NO HOLDS*+*NO REQUESTS*+*NO MORE CUSTOM ORDERS*+* ***************************************************************************************************

All Crystals, Meteorites Cabochons & Ancient Roman Glass 100% Natural / Genuine!!!


*My cards are so you can see the colors of the crystals & gemstones etc. better! :o)

***All crystals, meteorites & fulgurites only mounted in the mineral specimen boxes with ***SOFT MINERAL TACK. All specimens are removable.

Please don't forget to check out my other Etsy shop to see more rare crystals and supplies at:

***If you need to contact me - please use the Etsy ***CONVO link that looks like an envelope icon at the top of the page.

***Stop begging for discounts!!!

(NO MORE CUSTOM ORDERS = due to beyond ***rude customers I have also tried to bend over backward for in the past!!!
This does not mean everybody out there was rude - but the rude customers I have had ruined it for me wanting to take any more custom orders for a long time!!!
*If you feel you are a good repeat customer of mine and need something - I might do a custom order for you - but it might also be doubtful due to I have my own creations to come up with and I am usually too busy.
No custom order I have ever done in the past has ever been worth all the extra typing time!!! I have also bent over backwards to try and please customers in the past doing some custom orders = with zero appreciation or even a thank you for my efforts - do you think I want to go through this again? = NO WAY!!!)
= All items sold as is or as stated in listings.
This is only a part time business.

Items that expire may or may not be relisted again.
Items might be taken down at any time and vanish if I sell the item some place else or in CO.

Have a beautiful day!!!
Love & Light!!!

Aesthetics Unlimited - Registered business in the state of Colorado off and on since 1993. I have sold crystals off and on for 30 years.