Anhoki's Shop Announcement

❀¸.•**•.¸❀¸.•**•.¸❀¸.•**•.¸❀ Welcome To Anhoki's Place! ❀¸.•**•.¸❀¸.•**•.¸❀¸.•**•.¸❀

Happy Mothers Day. Tell mom how much you love her with a set of wind chimes and get a FREE10 oz candle (your choice of scent) for yourself. Spend $120 or more and get your 10 oz candle upgraded to a 16 oz size. If you want a specific candle please convo before checking out.

Home of the Infamous Bacon Candle and awesome stained glass creations.
We ❤ custom projects and are convo friendly.

❀¸.•**•.¸❀¸.•**•.¸ Beginning in 2014 ALL of our candle fragrances will be offered in the 8 and 16 oz paint cans. The layered candles will be offered in the 16 oz cracker jars we currently use but after the new year all single layered candles will be in paint cans only. IF you've order a scent in the past and it is no longer listed feel free to ask me about it. ¸.•**•.¸❀¸.•**•.¸❀

Ultimate Bacon (triple layer glass jar)
Bacon - both
Maple Bacon - both
Bacon & Chocolate - both
Drunken Dave - both
Beer - both
Spicy Apple Lager - both
Twisted Pumpkin - both
Peppermint Bark Stout - both
Belgian Alvie Dubbel - both
Fred - both
Bourbon Voodoo
(#1) Ultimate Coconut
(#3)Orangalwood (Sandalwood/Orange)
(#5) Juliette (Lavender/Orange/Peppermint)
(#6) (Cedar/Sandalwood/Patch)
Agave Lime Margarita
Exotic Chocolate
Exotic Pumpkin
Gummy Bears
Harvest Spice (triple layer glass jar)
Lemon Verbena
Orange Moonstone
Pumpkin Vanilla Latte
Spicy Pumpkin Apple Butter
Sandalwood Chocolate
Oriental Seduction
Sandalwood Vanilla
Spicy Autumn Latte

Fragrances and blends are added as they are tested and found suitable. If you have a suggestion please feel free to let me know.

This shop accepts Etsy Gift Cards.