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From Doll House to My House

I am an American Fashion Designer who incorporates crochet into nearly all my work. I was inspired by crochet in early childhood by one of my father’s business associates who hand braided rugs. I then progressed from braiding to crocheting and from Barbie doll-house rugs to woman’s fashion couture, via Barbie doll clothes.

In 1984 I established a small fashion boutique in my hometown on Cape Cod, Massachusetts and in 1999 I marketed a new line in the International Women’s Boutique show in New York City. The positive response was tremendous, though sales did not meet expectations. With family obligations, I decided to make sales my career.

After raising three daughters and following a fifteen year sales career that ended with a traumatic event, I returned to school and completed a Bachelors Degree program at the University of Massachusetts, for which she graduated Magna Cum Laude. I am now in an online MBA program through Strayer University.

However, my relentless creativity, along with the need to choose my own destiny while working from the safety of my own home, led me to become the fashion designer I am today. I am forever grateful for my talent and my supportive family.

As a source of creative inspiration outside the realm of tangible art, I transcended from rhetorical speaking in a sales forum environment to hands-on-art incorporating much of what I knew and loved from childhood up through my adult life. I was recognized by such fashion designers as New York’s Henry Bendel and Betsey Johnson.

My aspirations are to achieve widespread public acknowledgement of my work. I have been a highly influential figure in the cultivation of American Eclecticism, making fashion the medium of expression. Through unconventional style, I hope to be a catalyst for new and emerging cultures.
Annie Briggs
owner, maker, designer, curator
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