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Early Days of Arcade Art
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8-Bit Dinner .. Yum!
Zelda Commission

Back then I never even knew what a nintendo was!

As a youngster I always loved making stuff, whatever it was, chalk paintings on my parents driveway or mud pies on their lawn.

It took me a while to figure out what I wanted to do with this creativity or mess as my parents called it!

Arcade Art all started for me in 2005 when I painted my first canvas of an 8-bit Retro Mario. I'm not sure why on that day I decided to paint it, I guess I liked the character and colours, also, I saw it as a challenge of my painting skills to paint all those straight lines by hand (I've always been obsessive about that kind of thing).

After many days of painting it was finally finished, not really knowing what to do with it next as there wasn't any room in my house to hang it, I ebayed it and it sold!

More were to follow, Pac-Man, Zelda, Final Fantasy for starters and they all sold too.

In 2008 I set up my Etsy shop and am now proud to say I have sold my work to gamers all over the world and have realised that gaming unites people of all different ages whatever their cultural differences.

So if you're setting up a gameroom or just looking for a fun piece to have in your living space hopefully I'll have something which gets you excited.

All my work is handmade by me in my studio in Somerset, UK.
Donna aka Arcade Artist
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Hi, my name's Donna and I set up Arcade Art back in 2005 after graduating from the animation degree course at the University of the Creative Arts, UK.