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How to choose a painting?
Here are some tips from us:
Color -
You can choose a painting that matches the color of the environment or one that contrasts with it.
Pastel rooms allow placement of both paintings - bright and the ones with muted color.
In a room with more than one color is good the basic colors of the interior to be repeated with the color scheme of the painting to get the necessary balance.

Size -
Be very careful with the size of the picture.
The big picture can outweigh in smaller rooms, but the little one can be lost in larger rooms.
Do not forget that there is a direct correlation between the size of the image and the distance from which it should be watched.

Style -
When choosing a picture of importance is the style of furniture that prevails in your home.
Classical picture of a heavy frame matches the old furniture, but would bring dissonance to modern and simple furniture.

Purpose of the room -
The picture must be in harmony with the room, which will decorate.
Suitable for the kitchen are still life paintings and those with floral motives, with simple and delicate frames.
For bedroom is better a painting with softer hues, such as a beautiful "Triptych".
To narrow corridors, pictures should be small with a thin frame.

Lightening -
Choose a place that emphasizes the colors of the painting. For paintings which contain metallic shades (gold, silver) is good to use direct lightening!

I look forward to share your choice!