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Specializing in sterling jewelry using natural and rough gemstones, briolettes ect. Using wire wrapping and silversmithing I create unique rings, pendants, earrings and bracelets from fun to fine.With my focus on iridescent stones such as fire agate , moonstone , and labradorite.
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The newest additions to my collection are my current new passion, Ethiopian Opals. I think they rival if not beat Australian opals in pretty much all areas. They have remarkably bright and interesting fire patterns, with the plus side of not cracking when they dry out. Ethiopian opals are still a relatively new find for the gem world, having been discovered in 2008. I predict these opals are about to become a lot more valuable. The country banned the export of rough material in the beginning of July 2013, meaning you can now only get finished stone from Ethiopia. They are not set up for high production so the supply is about to drop.

Ethiopian opals are mostly hydrophane opals which means "water loving". They absorb water very readily, however when they do they change color. Their fire dims and they become more translucent until they dry out. So unlike Australian opals, DO NOT soak them.

A cool trick to show these stones are real is they absorb moisture so readily they will stick to a damp finger tip, or even your tongue. The heavier the stone though the less pronounced the effect, gravity takes over. Awesomely, unscrupulous people haven't figured out how to fake hydrophane properties. I make sure all of my stones pass the moisture test.


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