BlackRaventips' Shop Announcement

GOOD NEWS! I have found an adapter for my drip tips that now will fit all tanks!! Including the popular Protank2 and Protank3.

Lampwork glass drip tips are made by myself one at a time in the flame. Little works of Art. There is no mold or press for any of my drip tips. They are all made by hand. Nothing is "painted" on with any kind of paint or enamels. It's all glass.

I make them on a 1/8" mandrel dipped in a mud type liquid so I can remove them from the steel mandrel easily. 1/8" + vape hole gives a great vape, and can be used for drippers......

To use them with the most popular Kanger tanks, you will need to purchase a plastic adapter that I sell in my Etsy store.

To take CARE of your new glass drip tip I want to tell you how to put them onto the carto/tank. Either put your favorite juice around the 0 ring part, or just put it in your mouth to wet it, then press it down and slightly twist, keeping it straight at all times, same with taking it off, pull straight up and twist, do NOT rock from side to side. When putting on the new drip tip, please take care to hold it over a table or your lap, making sure it fits correctly into the cartomizer. The glass and 0 ring needs to seat all the way into the carto.
I can't "fix" one's that break. It's too dangerous to put it back in the flame, it will crack and possibly shatter all over.
This is not boro or pyrex glass, its a softer glass, called soda glass, or lampworking glass. All my glass comes from Italy.
I clean them(cold work) and fit them with a diamond drill bit with my dremel drill one at a time to fit 510 cartos. Then I add the 0 ring.

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