The Blake Collection -Original Paintings & Other Works

A Life of Creation

My life, thus far, has taken me through unique experiences -many painful -many awe-inspiring.

These experiences have brought revelations about life and art that are too terribly exquisite to set to words.

And thus, I create.

For what is life? But a grand-masterpiece.

To be set to paint
Set to stone
Set to color
Set to paper and ink
To be let out from within, the depths of being

We are born, we experience here, we die.

And yet we each feel a desperate loneliness.
A disconnectedness that tears at our hearts

Art...or rather, creation -settles these pains. Works through the stark solitude to bring forth the reality that

WE ARE NOT alone.

That we are all so miraculously intertwined that we would lose our mind where we to comprehend its complexity.

I welcome you, into this place of you.

One delicate expression in this sea of devastatingly beautiful creation.
Lindy BLAKE Miller
owner, designer, maker, curator
For as long as I can remember I have been inclined to create. These inclinations have come to me like flashes of lightning. Striking me at the most unusual times...waking me in the middle of the night.I welcome you to my little nook on the web.

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