BlijeOlifantje's Shop Announcement

Welcome to my store. I carry mostly hard to find & Imports..MINIMUM STORE PURCHASE $25 before shipping is added policy. I put care in everything I do even though this is a hobby. I create policy to fit my personal style but at the same time would enhance your experience. Most items I have more then what is listed.

Domestic shipment MUST have a confirmed address.I normally ship in 3 business days & provide tracking for Domestics or Delivery Custom Label for International. I have receipt for all shipments & refund shipping if calculated in excess of 0.75 cents. I live away fr. town now so I will make about 3 trips a week.

UP to 9 yds quilting light weight cotton
DOMESTIC US:$5.70 / CANADA:$20 / All other countries:$25

EXPRESS:(Up to 9 Yds. Quiting weight Flat rate)
Domestic: $19.95 / Canada: $35.00 / All other Countries: $45.00

**International Shipments: shipping charges do not cover any duty or customs charge you may incur. These are the customer’s sole responsibility.***

It is RARE to lose shipment. There are custom issue delays but I have seen many stores claiming International issues & refuse to ship International due to dishonest Individuals. It is not hard to see because Custom label is a RECORDED document. It is unethical & inconsiderate & causes Seller to keep away fr. shipping International or opting to Express rates.

All items new from Bolt except for some large Heather Ross stash set or ones with notation. If it is Prewash then I will always mention it.

Thanks for dropping by!