BoyfriendBadges' Shop Announcement

2/22/14 SHOP ANNOUNCEMENT--Now through March 31, 100% of "My Pet Likes You" badge sales will be donated to Civ, a sweet doggie in LA who is battling cancer. Order now to contribute to her fund! $1.00 of every Boyfriend Badges series 1 set sold within this period will also be diverted to the cause. You can visit Civ's owner's site to read more about her situation or donate directly through PayPal.

Boyfriend Badges--Proof that You Don't Suck! <3
Boyfriend Badges aren't just for boyfriends. They're also for girlfriends, husbands, wives, friends and f*ck buddies...pretty much whoever you love enough to share these special moments and compromising situations with.
Reward your significant someone with a badge of honor each time you reach a relationship milestone, or use them as incentives if your sweetie is an achievement whore who MUST COLLECT THEM ALL!

Badges are great for anniversaries, engagements, or just because!

Each Boyfriend Badge features an original design from the collection and is lovingly hand punched by me in my living room.

**1/30/13--International Buyers: I apologize for the ridiculous shipping prices! USPS effectively doubled their international rates this week, and I'm as mad about it as you probably are. Thank you so much for your purchase despite this.