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Welcome to our Candle Shop! Enjoy an imaginative trip to a memorable world of handmade carved candles!

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Come explore the elegant, eye-catching design and beauty of our Distinctive City line of unique carved candles. Each candle design embodies a world-renowned city of distinction, realized sublimely through the artist’s richly interpretive vision.

Feel the movement of each design, and experience its radiant energy. “Travel” through all of our Distinctive City candles: Amsterdam, Krakow, Vienna, Geneva, Istanbul, and Sydney!

You’ll find the perfect accent for your home or office décor. Plus, a selection of exciting color combinations for each Distinctive City candle frees you to complement any room’s color palette.

Enjoy your handmade Candelure carved candle for years. Our oil-burning candles are eminently useful as well as exceptionally beautiful. As long as you have a supply of fuel, your candle will continue to light your way and warm your spirit! Practical for emergencies and for a worry-free decorative element—you’ll love that it never “burns out” or causes messy drips!

Now we offer a classic-style wax candle with new options!

For the traditionalist, Candelure's classic hand-carved candles can be burned as regular candles, allowing the flame's radiance to create a kaleidoscopic, glowing beauty from within—highlighting every unique curve and color combination!

Each candle holds a wick that burns for over 40 hours. If you allow the candle to burn down, you will experience the fascinating movement and loveliness of the unfurling outer carving as the candle melts.

But you can choose to preserve and re-use your classic candle!

To keep your treasure intact, burn the candle for 30 minutes at a time, then extinguish the flame. Allow the melted wax to cool slightly while still remaining liquid, then pour melted wax out. You may continue to burn the candle this way for the length of the wick, saving your hand-carved objet d'art to enhance the ambience of any space.

If you would like to create a reservoir for inserting a separate candle, burn the Classic Decorative Candle as above for two or three 30-minute periods: you will have a hollow well approximately 1-1/2 inches deep, perfect for a tealight!

Give a gift that delights—and lasts! Add a stunning touch to your home décor that enhances the energy and continues to cast a welcoming glow.

Create an impression and start an immediate conversation with these gorgeous works of art. A Candelure carved candle makes a wonderful and much-appreciated gift for so many—the art lover, the style goddess, the energy guru, the mindful environmentalist, even the unapologetic pragmatist—and you!

And the smart construction of our candles makes them very collectable.

“Brighten up!” their day with Candelure’s charming, hand-carved candles. Give a gift of joy and light!

Thank you for visiting our shop. We love what we do, and we love our customers! Your complete satisfaction and delight in your candles and shopping experience is our utmost priority.

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