CatFountains' Shop Announcement

We create handmade, ceramic cat drinking fountains that are 100% food-safe and are as pleasurable to have in your home as they are effective and healthful cat fountains. Please read the reviews. People and their cats love these fountains because they work well, are extremely beneficial for your cats, easy to care for and are beautiful additions to your home. And - they really are easy to clean. It takes about 4 minutes once a week. To see a video of this, go here.

We do not do custom orders but we take note of everyones' requests and try to create them. We ask you to check back to see if what you want is here. We llist new fountain two to three times a week in a variety of designs. Many are repeats and we are always attempting new designs.

We provide a 20 year warranty on the fountain - workmanship and materials - though with reasonable care they should last a lifetime, and a 1 year warranty on the pump, though with weekly care they normally last many years.

Creating cat drinking fountains is what we do, it is all we do. We are devoted to creating the highest quality product and providing the very highest in customer care. We will have no unsatisfied customer. Again, please read the feedback. Our customers are our best advertisers. Many are repeat customers.

Unlike commercial plastic pet fountains which can give your cats chin acne and contain who knows what, ours are completely safe and beneficial. And if you are concerned about the cost, think a moment how much a healthfully hydrated cat will save you in vet bills. These fountains pay for themselves many times over. The pumps last years but if they need replacing, that is easily done. The fountains are forever.

About our COPPER FEATURES: This is the same copper used in the plumbing of upscale homes. It is approved by all building codes, is the preferred water delivery material and has been proven to be a natural anti-microbial, meaning that it actively inhibits the growth of bacteria and other unwanted elements in the water. See this link:
THERE IS NO LEACHING OF COPPER INTO THE WATER - IT IS BOTH SAFE AND BENEFICIAL. We submerged a piece of copper in a closed container of water for 3 weeks, then shipped the container to Adirondack Environmental Services in Albany, NY for testing. The result showed there to be less than half the standard allowable copper content in the water and that was probably in the water to begin with.

About our glazes: UNLESS YOU MAKE YOUR OWN GLAZES and have them tested, you have no idea if they are food safe. Food safe glazes are not only lead free, they are made from stable, tested base glazes and are not overloaded with colorants.

All our cat fountains are handmade and one-of-a-kind. We list them as we make them so at any given time what you see in the shop is what is currently available.

About our PUMPS: These are the highest quality, small (40 - 80 gallons per hour) and quietest aquarium pumps available. They have a polarized, two prong plug, as do most aquarium and indoor fountain pumps as well as most commercial pet fountains such as the Drinkwell and others. Unlike almost all commercial fountains, they make no noise and are easily replaced should that ever become necessary. They are also all adjustable, providing a range of flow rates which does not affect the electricity rate.

We also make indoor/outdoor cat fountains and they have a grounded plug. The grounded plug cable is thick, inflexible and too unwieldy for a small indoor fountain and not necessary. A grounded plug is absolutely necessary for outdoor use and works well on larger fountains.

Cats need to drink enough water and it is well known that cats much prefer moving water. Whether flowing up, down or sideways, these fountains encourage your cats to drink, contributing to their health, with none of the negative effects that come from China-made or plastic cat fountains or fountains with difficult to clean corners

If you come from using a plastic fountain, please note that these fountains, unlike what you are used to, are quiet, extremely easy to clean and because they are not made of plastic they don't scratch and so don't harbor harmful bacteria and never cause chin acne.

Try placing your handmade ceramic cat fountain in your living or dining room, perhaps on a low table or stand. You can enjoy it for its visual appeal and your cats will appreciate finding their water there and will almost certainly drink more.

About our STANDS: Keith designs the stands and provides the specs by which our craftsman makes them. This is a much superior setting for your cat fountain, both visually and because cats enjoy them, in a variety of ways. Each is handmade to order, one at a time and we match the finish to your decor, by your choice. We'll send you a link to the options available for water resistant midwax finishes.

Each fountain adds a uniquely wonderful accent to your home as well as promoting feline and human health (moisture and ions in the air and such.)

Email: kdavitt1 [!at]
Or call 518-677-3225 anytime between 9 a.m. and 4 p.m. Eastern time, Monday through Friday. (Though there's a good chance you'll find Keith on the weekend too. Give it a shot.)

This shop accepts Etsy Gift Cards.