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The current turnaround time is about 10 business days.

All wallets are made from barbed wire free leather. This simply means that those who raised the animals did not subject their animals to the cruelty of barbed wire. Please see here to learn more about my leather:

There are many other wonderful aspects to this leather but this was something I had neglected to communicate. This leather comes from one of the longest running tanneries in Europe and is nearly twice as costly as the finest English leather I had briefly used and almost three times the cost as the US "factory" leather I started off using. I feel the extra cost is worth it and I hope you do as well. If you are looking to be fooled into buying inexpensive upholstery leather that comes from Italy you'll have to look elsewhere ;p)

Welcome to Clintonville Leather. Last Christmas I went shopping at a box store to purchase a wallet for my brother only to find wallets designed to fail. Multiple layers of cheap "Genuine Leather" (it's worse than American cheese) sewn together with thin thread designed to last two years at best. A dollar of leather polished to it's Sunday best and sold for $40. $40 for a wallet seems like a fair price if it is made well but then I thought about how the Chinese laborers, the Chinese factory owners, the distributor/importer and the box store were all making a profit on it. I kinda felt sick but most of all I was angry.

There used to be cobblers and they would make a pair of shoes for you. If the shoes broke you would take them to him and he would fix them. This was embarrassing so he wouldn't make shoes that broke. Granted they would slowly wear out and if you didn't take care of them that may be faster than normal but your purchase meant something. You weren't shopping for new shoes every 6 months! Now the only problem with this business model is that you couldn't become a millionaire from it! Why would you want to pay a premium price for an inferior product just so that one person can be ultra wealthy?

Let me say a word about myself. I am a business owner. I operate a pedicab and an ice cream tricycle. I know the value of sweat. I have also taken numerous bicycle tours including a cross country trip (hopefully another soon), I appreciate a product that I can beat the shit out of and still have it perform as intended. I get bored in the winter because Ohio winters are not conducive to convincing people to ride around in a bike taxi! So after nearly 100 prototype wallets I have created a design that will withstand a lifetime of beatings and do so with grace. I am still working on the polishing it to it's Sunday best but I truly believe I am creating the best products available for the best value. I have also been making belts (they didn't really require any prototypes!) which will last and last. I would be confident hanging off a cliff by either of my products. Why pay 15 people for a product that is designed to wear out in a couple years? Why not keep your money here in the US and buy a product that gets better the more it is used?

A word about leather. For untold millennial it has been THE tech material. The drawbacks it has against today's products are weight and maintenance. It won't shed nanoseconds off of your sprint and once or twice a year you should condition it with a leather conditioner depending on the severity of use. Leather must not become bone dry as this is when the fibers will crumble and tear! It breaths, resists water and conforms to the shape of your body like no other product and it LASTS! All seams are forged with copper rivets. All leather undergoes two conditioning processes just in case you forget to take care of it for a while.

I design my products to be comfortable out of the box but to improve with time as they contour to your body. They are also designed so that with proper maintenance you will not need to buy one for yourself for some time.

A lot of people are happy to tell you that leather is a natural product which often contains scratches and marks etc... and that this adds to the charm...

Those people use cheap leather.

This shop accepts Etsy Gift Cards.