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The Clockwork Universe is a theory, established by Isaac Newton, as to the origins of the universe. A "clockwork universe" can be thought of as being a clock wound up by God and ticking along, as a perfect machine, with its gears governed by the laws of physics.
Clockwork universe refers to the concept of the universe as a system that behaves in a manner as patterned and dependable as a mechanical clock. Like a clock, the universe could be thought of as something both designed and constructed—something both conceptualized by a divine artificer and made by a divine craftsman. Like a clock, the universe, once set in motion by its creator, could be visualized as something able to operate without corrections or interference from outside. The regular motions exhibited by the sun, moon, stars, and planets provided the basis for elaborate medieval clocks that could mimic the patterned motion of these celestial objects (Encyclopaedia of Science and Religion)

I offer vintage collectible mechanical watches, clocks and supplies. Most of my watches are from Soviet Union period.

Take a close look on photos to see each part of the watch (clock) for signs of age. The dials, bands, and the face of the watch may have some wear and scratch, and that is actually a good thing. A truly authentic, old, collectible watch is going to have a bit of tarnish and, perhaps, some scratches. The experts at watch collecting say, if the watch looks rather worn, chances are it is authentic.

That means - all levels of repair, from simple cleaning and adjustment to replacement of broken or worn parts, balance staffs, jewels, mainsprings, dials, and crystals. In many cases, a watch can be put back in good running order with only a cleaning and lubrication. Complete clean-oil-adjust service always includes the following:
·Complete disassembly of the watch.
·Inspection of all parts for wear, damage, and incorrect adjustment.
·Special cleaning of balance wheel and hairspring.
·Reassembly and lubrication of the watch using the finest lubricants.
·Regulation of the watch for best-possible timekeeping.

Just a few of my watches I sell without conditioning. But I will write in the description if they keep time good or not. In that situation there is no guarantee, that watch will work properly – these watches may have their own character.

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