CopperCrossroads' Shop Announcement

Copper Crossroads is a shop based in British Columbia, Canada, which caters to those who enjoy such things as hand-crafted herb sachets, tarot/rune readings, and spiritual items. Combining elements of “herbal wisdom” (wortcunning) and a touch of aromatherapy in all of our products maximizes both the usefulness and enjoyment of every item. We will create custom items, and will happily alter “recipes” of things such as herb pouches and simple perfumes to accommodate allergies.

The name of the shop has two meanings: “Copper” is a wonderful conductor of electricity and, thus, energy, while “Crossroads” are a well-known symbol for change, important decisions, and moving forward. Additionally, crossroads have been associated with a broad variety of traditions, and have always been a place of chance meetings, turns in one’s fortune, and adventure in many myths and legends.

As I am a student, I am not always able to fill orders immediately - though, I usually can accommodate time-sensitive requests- but I always strive to have everything done as soon as humanly possible.

Due to the recent ban on selling certain things like tarot reading, potions, spells, etc. on eBay, an Etsy member has started up a Facebook page in the hopes of discussing such an issue and ideally preventing it from spreading to Etsy as well. Please take a look at it!

This shop accepts Etsy Gift Cards.