CropCircleClay's Shop Announcement

INSPIRING. EARTHY. SPIRITUAL POTTERY; thrown on the wheel and 100% handmade. My rustic pottery has been described as shabby chic, beach house style and a blend of Gaia & Galactic energies. Each piece is infused with Reiki energy and adorned with crop circles, sacred geometry, sacred symbols and inspirational text. Namaste!

My name is Diana Brower and I make these pots in my own studio called “Dancing Dolphin Pottery” in Ohio, USA. I'm a one woman studio and I love to create with clay. Each piece is a one of a kind piece of ceramic art created by me. I hand-build some pieces, throw other pots on my wheel and then fire all of them in my electric kiln. I love to make these pots! They bring me such joy!

The act of throwing pots on the wheel is very meditative. Your senses come alive with the scent of the fresh clay, the water and the rhythm of the wheel in motion. If you've ever taken a pottery class, you know what I mean. When I first enter my studio I light my incense (Nag Champa, preferably), light a candle and turn on my instrumental music and get myself in the zone. It's my sacred ritual. Then, as I sit down at my wheel, I bring in Reiki energy to connect with the clay. This energy opens up my creativity further and grounds me to Mother Earth. When I feel the clay tingling in between my palms, I know it's ready. While still holding the ball of clay, I try to 'listen' to what the clay would like to become. When I know that this small ball of clay will be a mug, I form a picture in my inner eye of the shape that I desire. Then my hands and my muses do the rest.

Spiritual matters: Many people believe that the sacred geometry of the crop circles radiate divine energy. Whether the design rests in a barley field or on a coffee mug does not matter; they believe that the contents of their mug will be infused with this energy. So, whether it's the Reiki or the sacred geometry of the crop circles, these pots are just bursting with energy! Many people even feel it when they wear one of my pendants. If you're as sensitive to energy as I am, no doubt you'll feel it too.

INSPIRATION: It was my Spirit Quest to Serpent Mound in Ohio in 2009 that gave me the inspiration to incorporate crop circles onto my pottery. If you'd like to read more of my experience, please see my blog here and feel free to share with other Lightworkers & StarSeeds!

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