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Providing attractive & affordable solutions to finger splinting.

Why choose my splints over anyone else?
-Customer approved
-Therapist recommended
-After purchase exchange/refit
-Experience, experience, experience

Like a lot of you who found this shop or the website, I also struggle with hypermobility. My company was started to provide fashionable and affordable, hand crafted finger and thumb splints. Whether you suffer from E.D.S., hypermobility, ALS, RA, OA, sprains or are dealing with post-op finger stiffening, I will do my very best to find a splint that will work for you. I also do custom designs if you don't find something that suits your needs. There is no "design fee" for custom work, though the prices vary. Please don't hesitate to contact me with questions or concerns.

You may run into other vendors across the world wide web who sell their own version of a "ring splint". Word is spreading about the necessity of these fascinating little gizmos In short, please remember that not all ring splints are created equal, purchase with caution. I've ordered a few of these to try out for myself. The price was lower than I can offer them at, but when I received them they were not sturdy. I could easily bend the metal with my hypermobile fingers. My shop and products are backed by a mass of experience with splinting and how the metals react. Remember, I will always exchange, re-size or repair your ring splints free of charge, just pay shipping.

Thanks for stopping by,

Rebecca Mooney
Owner and Founder
E.D.S. Ring Splints, LLC

If you have questions or just don't know where to start, contact me today!

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