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Welcome to your Empowered MindScape -- bringing you empowerment through simplified, fun and powerful books, crystal art work and crystal products. I spent 30+ years studying personal growth to make this concise, integrated guidance.

Move toward a more enjoyable, healthy, fulfilled life. This book simplifies and integrates the literature on personal growth into an integrated system of 20 fun, easy-to-use, stunning crystal image Intentional Journey Cards with a companion interpretation book. Anytime you feel stuck or want direction, the Intentional Journey Cards are here to help.

An aesthetically compelling design -- using the synergy of:
* 7 orbs of lovely calcite, to represent the chakras
* supported by powerful quartz
For 5 page explanation document, see:

CRYSTAL INTENTIONAL JOURNEY KITS for prosperity, serenity, well-being and harmonious relationships:
* 9 polished stones that guide you through the process of intending and aligning yourself with your goals,
* 15 page pamphlet aids you in using the kit, drawing upon fundamental material from my Intentional Journey Cards Companion Book

Available are some of the basic crystals good to have in your collection:
* clear quartz points and clusters and some highly prized prices
* a variety of colors of calcite chunks
* a variety of polished crystals
* a variety of quartz family chunks and clusters
each comes with a Crystal Description cards about that stone: explains the properties attributed to each of the nine crystals, discussing the crystals’ values: its visual features and/or name and how that relates to its assistance to you.
and crystal Chakra bookmark and cleared, awakened and charged with crystal energy

Simple elegant earrings and pendants of different powerful stones
I have dozens of earrings and pendants of crystals and semi-precious stones
Tell me what concern, empowering quality, Chakra etc you want to work on and I will find you a pendant, earring [and/or bracelet] that will work for this

I believe we all really need crystals at this time for support, empowerment, inner focus, assistance and attuning to the remarkable rhythms of nature. Also, I happen to love to look at these colorful helpers from the earth. I always want to be around crystals—they give me ‘energy’ and make my life a happier, more fulfilled, place.


As winter drags on, without the warming sun,
Not able to languish outdoors,
My mind turns to worries
A cycle of negative thoughts
A maze of questioning eventualities:
• Will I be able to do what I need to?
• Will I make it in time?
• Will the next storm interrupt my plans?
• Will something get in my way?
• Will I feel well?
• Will I be uncomfortable?
• Will I get my point across?
• Will I finish?
• Will I get a positive result after all this work?
• Will I be/have/do enough?

Once I start with the doubts, I become absorbed with them, a familiar groove
Gradually, I become conscious that something's not right with this pattern of worrying, Something needs to shift
But worrying is so compelling it takes over other patterns of mind
I look out the window for inspiration
The trees and landscape are appealing,
A pleasant view, the majesty of beauty,
But I am still alone with my overactive anxious brain in overdrive.

My crystals announce themselves to be noticed, engaged with, touched
I reach for them, connecting, refocusing

• How riveting is the penetrating blues of Sodalite and Lapis :)
• How gentle the lovely light pink color variations in the Rose Quartz :)
• How deep is the green in the Fluorite :)
• How delicious are the candy colors of Calcite :)
• How Citrine and Amethyst radiate their colors :)
• How the iridescent stones invite my gaze :)
• How the Clear Quartz catches the light :)
• How magical the sparkles and inclusions in the Clear Quartz :)
• How the sharp the natural edges of the Quartz points :)
• How quiet, humble and welcoming are these emissaries of nature :)

My mind is filled with another object of attraction
These wondrous helping crystals delight me
My little stones will always be with me, my companions
Possessing many benefits and attributes to help me when I call

For past thoughts for the month and more notes about crystals see:

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