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"Halito" ~ Hello in Chickasaw (American Indian)

Coming from an American Indian family (Choctaw/Chickasaw) I have been surrounded all my life by fantastic family artists in paint, clay, fabric, metal, gemstones and leather to name a few mediums. But not me, I was going the corp path. Early in my career I lightened my dark hair to blonde and while being a “blonde indian” was unique it seemed to run against the flow of nature. It seemed to effect my speech like the time I was a Chamber of Commerce “Ambassador” and introduced myself as “an ass basher” or the time I had just bitten into a green banana skin (sticky devils) and had tried to wipe off the sticky goo from the banana skin with a tissue and had tissue stuck all over my lips when an important client walked in (it’s a wonder to me why all the leaves in the jungle aren’t stuck to monkey’s faces). Anyway, now that I’ve found Etsy, I’ve gone back to dark hair (even though now nature wants it light - gray) in hopes that I can join my artistic family and flow with nature. First, I will be selling off vintage things from my childhood - when did I get to be “vintage”? But please keep checking back as I will be creating new items for babies, pets, wedding, jewelry and other ideas that come to me.

Known for always creatively thinking out of the box, I would love to design something especially for you.

Atali ~ Success

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