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My home studio where all the door designs are created.
Outside my studio with one of my creations.
A peek into the famous EBO workroom!
Tulip Wreath Alternative
Bunny Wreath - You saw it here first! Famous on PINTEREST, and elsewhere on the internet.

Ever Blooming Originals

After relocating to the Annapolis area a few years ago, I was forced to leave a job that I loved behind. I had worked for many years as the Home and Garden Buyer for a major national catalog. As a Buyer I enjoyed the whole creative process,from beginning to end. I longed to again be able to use my talents to provide unique product offerings to customers who appreciated quality, and attention to detail. I came up the the idea to combine my love of the retail industry, with my creative side. I have always dreamed of having my own retail shop, and found that Etsy was a wonderful way to enable me to have a virtual storefront, while still providing me with the opportunity to spend time with my husband and three children.

All of the items for sale at Ever Blooming Originals© are made in my home studio.

Please stop by my other shop that I recently opened with the help of my daughter, CarolinesDollHouse on Etsy.

Thank you for stopping by!
Colette Rennier
owner, maker, designer, All of the items in my shop are personally designed and made by me in my home studio.
After working for many years as the Home and Garden Buyer for a major national catalog, I have now decided to develop and create my own line of wreaths and door decor.

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