FamilySkiners' Shop Announcement

Welcome to FamilySkiners shop!

FamilySkiners- is a shop of handmade leather goods. All our
items are handmade from the beginning to the end. They are
all made with great love. All the items FamilySkiners are

Such things you can buy only in our shop!
We spend a lot of time and efforts to create big assortment
items. All our works are exclusive. This explains their
high price.
If we write that the product has not copies - the only thing in the world - it is the truth. Our principle is not making ‘ clones’ for these works. This is our philosophy.
Only small items, such as bracelets or barrettes, etc. can look similar, but even they do not repeat each other exactly, as they are handmade and produced in small series. So,
there is no absolute similarity.
Be sure, you will be pleased with the quality of our works
if you decide to make a purchase in our shop.
All our products are ecologically clean, and we do not
harm the environment in the process of their production.
We hope viewing the pages of our shop will be a pleasure
for you!
Have a good time!

With respect, FamilySkiners.