FriendlyMisanthrope's Shop Announcement

Lygophilia means love of darkness.

Here you will find hand-made paper, felt, and polymer clay jewelry, doodads and characters, zombies, creatures, and custom orders, too. Each item is a unique work of art put together painstakingly, tiny piece by tiny piece, by one artist (that's me).

My first items were paper dolls made of various layers of archival paper, cut and pasted and lovingly arranged just so. I also made box dioramas, usually constructed from recycled materials and filled with archival paper figures to construct peculiar scenes from everyday life.

I moved on to include other mediums in my repertoire, such as magnets, pendants, necklaces, prints, and pincushions. Prints are of my original art and come on a variety of fine archival papers. My pincushions, regular and magnetic, are gorey little creations hand-stitched from felt. All other jewelry and sculpture-type items are made from polymer clay.

Here's a time-lapse video of me working on some jewelry:

Have a look around! Contact me for special requests; I love taking an idea and running with it, to create a completely unique item from your weirdest and most treasured memories.