FulBelSic's Shop Announcement

FULANA BELTRANA SICRANA - one of a kind boys and girls art dolls, keychains and lavender sachets minitaure dolls, designed and handmade by Benedetta Maxia. Each doll is unique and made from a combination of upcycled vintage fabrics, mainly inspired by the 60s and the 70s. Fulana and Fulano have black hair, Beltrana and Beltrano have red hair and Sicrana and Sicrano have brown hair!

The name is the feminine version of the Portuguese expression “Fulano, Beltrano e Sicrano" and its equivalent in other languages woud be "Tizia, Caia e Sempronia", "Jane, Jill and Mary", "Pierrette, Paulette et Jacqueline", "Fulana, Zultana y Mengana", "Jasia, Julka i Marysia", "Λόλα, Φαίη και Μιμή (Lola, Fay and Mimi)"…