GeekeryDOO's Shop Announcement

GeekeryDOO shop is on vacation, from April 2nd to May 6th.
I am excited to tell you that I am traveling to Europe!
All orders will be shipped when I get back to Canada, on May 6th.
You are more than welcome to browse my shop while I am away. I will be answering convos when I am away; there might be a delay, a day or two. If you choose to make a purchase, please note that I will ship your item when I return. The items will be shipped in order as they were purchased. I will include a little extra gift for your patience. Have a wonderful spring and see you all in May!
WELCOME to geekeryDOO, an Eco Friendly shop where you will find original Tesla electronics, recycled computer parts and other electronic components transformed into beautiful eco friendly jewelry. I also like to incorporate other geeky finds, like puzzles, miniature castings of musical instruments, board game pieces and such fun stuff.
Every piece has an up-cycled element in it, like a TESLA resistor, a piece of a vintage jigsaw puzzle, or a mechanical part from an old computer hard drive. I see beauty in most ordinary things, give them new life, and transform them into an extraordinary piece for you to wear and to be admired in.

All items are created by me; I hope to inspire you, make you smile, and make you wonder a little.

I hope you will love browsing through the geekeryDOO shop for your own INSPIRATION or to find a GIFT with meaning.

This shop accepts Etsy Gift Cards.