Gr8Gr8Auntie's Shop Announcement

I inventoried some of Auntie's shop entries against her actual inventory and found a few dish towels had been dropped from her shop. This error will be corrected immediately.

It has been almost a year since we lost Auntie, but if she is able to, she is watching over her shop. She died in May 2013.

She had a stroke which left her paralyzed on her left side and unable to embroidery or crochet or do the things she enjoyed, so we understood when God chose to take her from us.

She always said that when she was gone the shop would be mine. Some items were finished, others were not. I found many items waiting for me to locate (she loved to finish items and not let me know about them, so I could be surprised at how many items she had finished).

I found that the neat embroidering is something that was handed down from her mother (my Grandmother) and that there are a number of family members with the same talent (I’m told I am one of them). It has taken me a while to match the tension in her crocheting, but I think I finally have learned to match her stitches.

I will continue running her shop and keeping her memories alive while I sell the things she made and happily finish the items she did not have time to complete.

Auntie sewed and crocheted for over 85 years. She stopped driving at 94 but her fingers were going strong. She loved embroidering and crocheting. She also loved to make cookies, but had to give up baking.

The quality of Auntie's work is phenomenal. This is evident on the reverse side of her dish towels, the embroidery is very NEAT. She embroidered dish towels, crocheted the tops of kitchen towels, and crocheted lap robes and baby blankets.

Computers were beyond her so this shop has been managed by me, her 76 year old niece. I also have my own shop on Etsy. Check it out --