The owner of HandAgedBooks is on vacation.

My shop will be back up soon, having dental work done will be back in a few days.

If there was a book you were interested in contact me about placing an order.
Thank you,
Blessed be!

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HandAgedBooks' Shop Announcement

Current book in the making: the next book that will be finished is a Deluxe Witch's Spell Book complete with 100 out of 500 pages of information and spells. The pages are all aged and the cover will be black leather with a tile in the center. Perfect for any wiccan, keep an eye out for it!

HandAgedBooks is by far the best source to buy affordable Book of Shadows and Journals and Notebooks. All of my book of shadows, journals, notebooks and herbal journals are handmade with real leather and suede. Each book is a different size, type and amount of paper and pricing, please look through the books description. Shipping for United States take 2-3 days since I use Priority Mail and First Class. International delivery shipping there takes 2-4 weeks because of customs. My books are OOAK (one of a kind) and are not for resell unless you have my permission but I'm very open to the subject as long as it is discussed before hand! I love every book I make and put my heart and soul into each one. They truely are made with love a care. If there is ever an imperfection I will inform you within the details of the book. I prefer my costumers knowing what they are buying, I wouldn't want a shop to sell me an item that had something wrong with it, it would be disappointing.

Before buying your BOS or journal! From any maker!

Do alot of research! My books take days to make, no custom book maker should take longer then that. Every book maker and seller that I have seen claim that their work takes WEEKS or even MONTHS to make your book. On top of that, the cost for the other stores are between $250- $1,000. It's the worst feeling in the world to order every detail you want your dream BOS to look like and you pay so much for it to turn out to be items made from trash. DO YOUR RESEARCH!

Please visit my Facebook page so you can get updates on sales, give aways and events I attend or sell at. Always amazing meet my fans and buyers since without you there wouldn't be my work or shop! Always feel free to contact me for any questions or just to chat!