Ex-Engineering Manager now addicted to all things fused glass!

I began working with fused glass several years ago as an outlet to my daily analytical work as an Engineering Director. And it was love at first try as I let myself go with the moment to add color and design. I fell in love with the creativity it allows experimenting each day and challenging myself with new techniques, mediums and colors and often not knowing what to expect until I open the kiln at the end of its cycle. I have a tendency to use the colors I find both serene (blues like the ocean) and exhilarating (reds and oranges like the sun).

Many of my ideas come to me in the middle of the night and the next day I stand in front of my work table with a blank slate and start to put my idea into motion. Glass is typically made using 2 sheets of 3mm glass stacked on top of each other. After figuring out the basic color scheme, shape and size, I just start moving pieces of glass until the idea gels. The first step in the kiln fuses the piece flat at approximately 1450 degrees F. You really never know how it will look until it is finished and I love peaking in to see what I created! The second step is to put the piece back into the kiln on a mold and at a lower temperature to take its final shape.

I enjoy challenging myself and learning new things as I explore the vast options in fusing and push my boundaries. I enjoy when others offer suggest ideas, color schemes and visions as it often pushes different boundaries. What I have discovered is that everyone has an affection for color and flow, and having art glass near them offers a sense of beauty and serenity which is the true beauty of glass. And I especially love sharing my passion with others!

Kristin Anderson
owner, maker, designer
Fused Glass Artist

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