JAmberg's Shop Announcement

The newest addition to my online gallery has just been added. Recently,I just sold a large chest with this inverted leg design so I decided to try it on a much smaller scale. I'm very happy with the outcome. Hope you are too.
Just put on one of my newer pieces This was part of a group of six pieces that went into the gallery just before Thanksgiving.So far, at least one of those six has sold.
Another georgeous piece has just been listed. This is one of the largest pieces I have ever made & it was made specifically for the gallery it now sits in. Very unique drawer fronts look like "pleated" shades. I love when I it get an idea & am able to execute it as I see it in my head.
Sorry it took so long to get this new piece posted. Sometimes things don't go as planned so you adjust.
I wanted to show you something different this week than what you have been seeing lately. I have been very successful selling this type of piece in the past so it was time to bring it back. Check out the handmade paper.
Just added a new piece to the inventory. This piece is about as big as I will ever make, but it is a real beauty. Check it out & let me know what you think. Thanks & enjoy.
Sorry, the Purpleheart Necklace box has been sold at Art & Soul Gallery in Santa Barbara. It was such a beautiful piece. I did not expect it to last long.
I hope you are enjoying the new items I have been posting on my etsy site. They are all beautiful in their own unique way yet there are elements similar in them all as well.

Redemption, second chances, another opportunity. A lot goes through your mind when deciding to try again. The decision has paid off. I just had my first etsy sale since December, 2012. That's a long time,but now it is tangible proof that I made the right choice.
A big heartfelt thank you to my new customer. It means more than you will ever know.
Another week & another promise.
Another promise kept. Two more new pieces to show you this week.
As promised, the first new items have been added to my etsy site. Take a look.
A change of Mind; a change of Heart.
With that said, aloha & welcome to my updated & improved etsy website: J Amberg ART with a Purpose which I will operate in conjunction with my own personal ART with a Purpose website:
I invite you to check out my new site.
The changes you will see on my etsy site:
New art pieces added on a regular, consistant basis week after week, month after
Custom orders will no longer be accepted. Sorry for the inconvienience.
Shipping will now be added to the cost of your purchase. I can't compete with Amazon.
These changes will allow me to include smaller & less expensive pieces to the inventory.
Thank you for your past interest, support & patronage
Enjoy the show.

Mahalo, Jim