KZShots' Shop Announcement

Welcome to KZShots.
Original photography by Kelly Zehr.

A portion of ALL sales from December 2010 to January 2011 will be donated in memory of my cousin Vinnie. He was 15 when he lost the battle with bone cancer. His parents are doing the Polar Bear Plunge and are looking for supporters. You can find more information at or contact me directly for any assistance.

I sold my first photo when I was about 13 to a family friend. I used a Kodak Instamatic 110 to take a picture of the sunset over the Potomac River. I realized that it looked much nicer when I had my sunglasses on so I put the glasses in front of the camera and got a great shot. Now, I have a much nicer camera and real filters to enhance the color. I still like to take pictures of water and sunsets even though I am far away from the Potomac River.
I rarely leave my house without my camera and I enjoy taking pictures of all sorts of things. Most of the photos that I will be posting here are of flowers or landscapes, with a few other odd balls thrown in for fun. If anyone has any questions or requests, please send me a message. I am more than willing to try different sizes of prints or ship to other countries, once I can determine the actual shipping costs.
If you have any requests of specific photos that you would like to see, send those requests along also. I currently live in Eastern Washington but I am from the East Coast so I have a large variety of photos. It could be interesting to have a bit of a scavenger hunt for photos either from my previous photos or hunting down new ones.
Pull up a chair, take a look around and just imagine one of my photos up on your wall.

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