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Handmade Jewelry and Accesories Woodland Boho Vintage Zen Nature Whimsical. Fashion Jewellery Accessories and Gifts with a whimsy, naive, sweet and magical touch!

★ Natural, harmonious, organic, whimsical and unique jewelry and accesories. My designs are inspired by the joy and beautiful things of Life!

Feel the nature, romance, love, beauty and magic with:

★ Necklaces with bottles and terrariums.
★ Woodland Necklaces with foxes and other forest animals.
★ Photograpy Necklaces, earrings and rings.
★ Armlets, bracelets and anklets made of sari silk.
★ Bobby pins, butterflies and flowers for a whimsy hair.
★ Healing Jewelry with crystals and natural stones.
★ Alternative scarves, belts and more!

★ Art for everyday use, for romantic days, weddings, festivals, days of magic and mystery.

----- ✩ CUSTOM ORDERS: I can create something special for you. If you have any ideas in mind, contact me.

----- ✩ Shipment days: Tuesday ★ Friday. Your order will produced and shipped from Valencia, Spain within 2 to 5 working days.

►►DELIVERY TIMES FOR CHRISTMAS for guaranteed delivery:

✩ USA, Canada, Australia: December 10th
✩ Europe: December 15th
After that dates, unfortunately there's only a small chance your package will arrive before Dec 25th, more likely it will come a few days after that date... If you place your order after deadlines, please consider these risks.

----- ✩ International shipping takes around 7- 21 business days (not including Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays) for the most countries, all depends of customs and post office.

----- ✩ Where to find me?
★ Twitter: @kandydisenos

----- ✩ HELP:
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Thanks for visiting my jewellery and accesories kandy shop! : )
----- ✩ Contact me if you have any questions.

With love ❤
alejandra // kandy diseños