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crafting space (in the laundry room)

Tying It All Together

I have always been in love with the outdoors. Growing up, my family always went on a yearly vacation out west and there was born in me, a love of nature. I started making jewelry in grade school. I made my own Fimo beads, beaded my own necklaces, and knotted bracelets. I studied Geology in college and grew to appreciate even more my love of nature, particularly pretty rocks. I've always enjoyed crafting so I picked up crocheting after getting married (my mother taught me). That year, for Christmas, everyone got an crocheted throw. I started quilting soon after because I wanted to give a unique and memorable gift for my friend's baby.
I started with Etsy because a friend told me I should sell my quilts. I was intrigued but held off for over a year. Finally in 2009, I opened my shop. It has been ever-evolving. I still love pretty rocks, quilts, and yarns, but love making jewelry.
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