MadCatHatter's Shop Announcement

We are your premier shop for ready to wear and custom hats for your cats! Of course, if you want hats for your other pets we make those too! Every beloved pet deserves a topper!

All hats are approximately 3". If you need a larger or smaller hat, please contact us and we can likely accommodate, but the order will take longer and will have extra costs.

All standard hats come with a thin elastic chin strap (for most pets, it disappears in the fur for photographs), and your choice of additions like flowers, feathers, buttons, jewels and more... whatever suits YOUR special pet! You may also send in special additions you would like added. We will do our best to customize any hat to your exact needs. Orders that require extensively different decorations may cost more.

For custom orders, please be as specific as possible about what you want, and if your pet is larger or smaller than an average house cat please provide measurements. Please keep in mind that I cannot guess that size unless you measure your pet. If you prefer to have ribbons to tie the hast on, please let me know.

Payment for custom orders is appreciated within 72 hours after I list the item for you. At this time, we only accept Pay Pal.

Gift boxes are available for an extra $2, if you specifically want a special occasion box (like birthday, holidays, etc) I will do my best but most boxes are all purpose.

Because of the nature of the products, all sales are final. Please note that not all pets are comfortable in clothing or hats and we cannot be responsible if your pet refuses to wear our creations, please know your pet! However we strive for total customer satisfaction and if there is a problem with your order we will do what we can to make you 100% happy! HAPPY HATTING!

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