MaidOfClay's Shop Announcement

Hi - Met my quota for the month of April thanks to my lovely customers! I will be taking orders again for the custom vases on May 1st. If you'd like to be put on a reminder list just send me an Etsy convo by clicking the blue "Contact shop owner" button on the shop page or the gray "Ask a question" button on the listing page. Just a heads up for the month of July - I will be only taking 10 custom wedding vase orders for the month of July because I will be at a 2 week ceramic workshop in another state the second part of July, but in August I will go back to my regular 25 order quota. Thanks!

Yarn bowls and custom mugs are not included in my quota and can be ordered anytime.

A friend of mine opened a shop with his long-handled cat box scoopers that he produces in his workshop in Northern California. I have one and I love it. What I like best is that my husband is now cleaning out the box now that he doesn't have to bend or crouch to do it. That makes it totally worth every penny! That's my Emmett kitty with the scooper :-) Check it out:

My Knitty Kitty yarn bowl is featured on - yay!

To see when I have new offerings just hit the ‚̧FAVORITE SHOP button at the top left of any item listing page and whenever I post new items it will show up in your feed. By "following a shop" you're just seeing the things I've "favorited" in your feed.

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