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Behind the scenes...
We specialize in unique, original and modern personalized jewelry
August 2013 Elle Vietnam and Accessories Magazine
We have an ongoing love affair with raw crystals, minerals and gemstones
MerCurios Jewelry continues to be featured in Fashion Magazines, well-read Fashion Blogs, Newspapers and here on Etsy...

Chaotic ... Organic ... Industrial ... raw

mer·cu·ri·al / mərˌkyo͝orēəl/
(of a person) Subject to sudden or unpredictable changes.

cu·ri·o / kyoor-ee-oh
Noun: plural cu·ri·os.
A rare, unusual, or intriguing object. Any unusual article, object of art, etc., valued as a curiosity.

Mer·Cu·ri·os / mərˌkyoor-ee-ohs
edgy, eloquent & unexpected, sweetly sensual & unapologetically hardcore. Rooted in emotion, spirituality, always mindful of the earth, & just a bit of goth punk.

The inherent character of MerCurios is one of metamorphosis; expect the specific designs of the pieces to change at my whim. The aura of the line will remain constant - organic, raw, industrial and chaotically couture.

An idea will pop into my head while I'm working on something else and I will need to stop what I'm doing and make it come to life. I design for myself and hope other people will like it.

I believe prosperity is a mindset ~ if you are grateful for what you have, more will come.

The story of MerCurios is still being written and is unfolding with each new day...
Mary-Jo Peritore
owner, maker, designer
I take bits of wire, sheet metal and raw crystals and stones, mix in a few drops of imagination and set on simmer for 30-90 minutes. This tried and true recipe results in unique, original and somewhat chaotic works of wearable art... MerCurios

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