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MinniesMuse's Shop Announcement

Welcome to my second shop! More stuff is on the way! I have been with Etsy since 2008 as Souper Spices and it has been wonderful for selling and networking.

Currently, I am going through four generations of dishes, silver, photos, and personal effects because we are moving out of state and I can't bear to throw or give everything away! My Mother cherished her collection and crated it from house to house through the years. The last time my Mom packed, I remember her taking hours and hours to do so, as she silently wept over the fond memories of her past..... I am weeping now. She cherished what was in those boxes and could not part with them, but I must. In respect to my Mother, Wilhelmina, (Minnie) I wish to share with you her family's deepest treasures at Minnie's Muse.

So, now do you know why I am selling these items so cheaply? It's because I would rather sell them inexpensively to someone who really wants and will cherish their worth and will give them a happy home, the way my Mom did. Thanks you.