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I am now BOOKED until SEPTEMBER- You can expect all orders to take about 6 months to be completed due to the number of items I already have in the queue.
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I Create Vintage Inspired Couture Pinup Clothing, Vintage Reproductions. I draft and drape my own patterns to be sure what you see in the picture is what you will receive, made to your measurements. I am able to work from just pictures, just send me an image for a price quote and to discuss fabric options. I specialize in Women's clothing styles only. Alterations are available on ready made & Vintage items please contact me for details and pricing. All the work from answering your messages to cutting to packaging is done by me, you can be sure your item was made just for you.

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Morningstar84's Shop Policies


Welcome to MorningStar84 Designs!
New Vintage Inspired Pinup Clothing, Vintage Style Fashion, Marilyn Monroe Reproductions, Custom Couture Bespoke Clothing.


All payments should be made through Paypal. Nothing ships until paid in full, no work begins before payment clears. Any taxes and duties are the responsibility of the buyer. Canceled orders will forfeit a percentage of total for time wasted. Deposits will not be refunded for any reason.


All items will be sent out using USPS standard shipping. I promise to pack your item as best as i can to be sure it arrives in same condition as when sent. All items are usually sent out the next day but no later than 3 days after purchase plus allow 7 days for arrival with in the US. For custom orders please allow 4-12 weeks for item to be crafted and shipped. Tracking numbers are usually provided within the US.

I am not responsible for items delayed by shipper, weather or other un-controllable events that may effect arrival. I do not offer free replacements or discounts for lost or stolen items but i will assist in the filling of insurance claims for reimbursement,
Please note that buyers are responsible for any and all duties, customs fees, carriage fees, handling fees or VAT charges that may be incurred when shipping outside of the United States.

For example: Anything worth £15+ which is imported to the UK from a non-EU country attracts VAT @ 20%, plus an additional £8 handling fee

calculate any taxes and fees your country may charge here

Refunds and Exchanges

I have taken every care to produce the highest quality product and your satisfaction is very important to me, and as such I will handle your return query to the best of my ability. I do my best to describe every item, and picture them to best describe all details and color.


All pre-made items have measurements in the description, It is the buyers responsibility to measure themselves to be sure of fit, any questions should be asked before purchase. Remember body measurements should be slightly smaller than the garments. I do not offer free alterations on ready made items. In some cases an exchange may be made but no refunds will be given. You must request an exchange within 14 days from purchase date. Requests after 14 days will not be be considered.

Buyer is responsible to get the item to me if you are granted a return. Buyer must provide tracking information, purchase signature confirmation and inform me when mailed or refund will not be given even. I am not responsible for items that are lost or stolen on their way back to me. If i do not receive the item Buyer will not receive a refund, credit or exchange and it will be the buyer's responsibility to file a report with the chosen mail provider to seek reimbursement.
Shipping fees are not refundable. Buyer will be responsible for shipping costs of any item being sent back for an exchange, this cost will not be credited to the buyer for any items allowed an exchange. Buyer must pay for shipping of the chosen 2nd item. Buyer will not receive a refund of the difference of cost if 2nd item is less than 1st item but any excess money can be credited toward shipping cost of the 2nd item. If 2nd item costs more than the first item, buyer must cover the difference as well as shipping of 2nd item. If buyer refuses to pay the price difference for 2nd item or shipping cost of the exchanged item buyer forfeits all moneys paid, no refund or store credit will be given. If you refuse the package and it is sent back to me you forfeit any and all rights to that item and you will not receive a refund.Items paid in full have priority over items with a 'payment plan' the date of your last payment sets your ship date not the first payment date.

Sorry, but due to the deeply discounted nature of sale items they are all final. I will offer no refunds, credits or exchanges for such items. Please ask any questions before purchase. If you refuse the package and it is sent back to me you forfeit any and all rights to that item and you will not receive a refund.

All sales are final on vintage and restyled vintage items, so please ask questions before you purchase anything, measurements of the garment are listed to help you in your purchasing decision, remember your measurements should be smaller than the garments.These items are vintage and a certain amount of age and wear should be expected, any flaws will be noted. Refunds and exchanges will not be given. If you refuse the package and it is sent back to me you forfeit any and all rights to that item and you will not receive a refund.

Due to the unique nature of each made to measure custom item, they are NON-REFUNDABLE. No exchanges will be made, no store credit given. You must contact me BEFORE you order and do not wait more than 7 days between messaging me about arrival and actual purchase, the schedule may change dramatically in that time and your arrival date may no longer be possible.

All payments should be made through Pay Pal. If you have sent a deposit for an item that deposit is NOT REFUNDABLE if you change your mind, your event is canceled, you decide to go in another direction etc. That deposit is used to hold your place on the schedule and to order the fabric for your item so that it would be guaranteed to be available when it is time for your item to be completed. If you decide you want a different fabric you must send your final payment for the order before new fabric is ordered as well as pay for the additional yardage cost for new fabric. Deposit amount is generally half of the total cost not including shipping but may be more or less depending on cost of materials for the chosen item.

-Paid In Full
If you have paid in full and it has been 2 days or less since your order date you may cancel for a full refund as long as no fabric has been ordered.
If you have paid in full and no work has been done on your item, you may cancel the order only if the order has been open for less than 4 months. By canceling you forfeit 20% of total cost excluding shipping as a deposit for my time and your spot being held when other orders could have been accepted. You will also forfeit the cost of materials that were custom ordered for you. The remaining amount will be refunded in the same form as your original payment. The Buyer must understand that they have purchased a SERVICE, once that service is cancelled they have no claim to any fabric or materials that were purchased to fulfill that service. I am a not a large company i can not absorb the cost of fabric ordered specifically for the buyers size and hope someone else the same size wants the same item later. It is the Buyers responsibility to check with me about arrival, sizing, materials etc to be sure of all details BEFORE an order is placed.
If you have paid in full and work has begun on your item, the order can not be canceled, you will not receive a refund or store credit. It is not my fault if you change your mind, your event is canceled, there is a family tragedy etc. The item will be finished and mailed to you as previously planed. You are welcome to use my photos of the item to resell it yourself. If you refuse the package and it is sent back to me you forfeit any and all rights to that item and you will not receive a refund.

*Paid Orders That Cannot Be Completed*
Any and all payments will be forfeited for orders that have been open for over 4 months that can not be completed due to lack of measurements or proper information required from the buyer. I will contact you requesting the required information up to 3 times via Etsy. If i do not hear from you and it has been 4 months since the order was placed the order will be canceled and any payments made will be forfeited to cover time wasted and materials purchased. It is the buyers responsibility to promptly provide accurate information required and to answer their Etsy messages in a timely fashion.


*** It is the buyers responsibility to provide accurate measurements and fit information. Please do not order without first checking your body's actual measurements. My sizes may or may not line up with standard clothing sizes that you normally wear. Just because you wear a size 8 or a Medium most of the time does not mean you should order a size 8 or Medium from me. Check your actual body measurements and choose the size that best suits your body or just send me your measurements.***

I Strongly recommend all Brides find a local tailor or seamstress they trust to fit them in person once their dress arrives so the best fit can be achieved for the big day. It is best to be able to show the seamstress or tailor what you would like adjusted and for them to see you in the dress to make recommendations. Even custom made dresses sometimes need a little adjustment when the person is not present during the creation of the item. There is no way for me to know how you want the dress to fit and feel when I cant fit you. Alterations should be expected so plan your arrival and your budget accordingly. Its not always needed but then its a happy surprise and not the other way around. I do not cover alterations costs done by others.

If you have fit issues please message me to see if a simple modification is all that is needed, In most cases items can be altered. If you can tell me what the issue is i will let you know if it is something that can be done without having it fitted in person. Please contact me first so that i know to look for your item and so i know what needs to be done. I will alter an item up to 14 days after the item has been shipped. Just send it back and ill fix it for you and at no extra charge except for any shipping fees to get it back to me, I'll pay up to $10 in shipping and handling to send it back to you standard shipping only. If you would like express shipping you will be required to pay the difference.
In some cases it may be best that you have an item fitted by a tailor in your area, this should be expected with any online clothing ordering process, there is no guarantee that it will fit exactly the way you expect. With online custom sewing sometimes there are fitting issues because i cant see you in person and everyone is built a little differently, even if they have the same measurements. I do not cover any alterations charges should it be altered elsewhere.

In some cases materials shown in images will no longer be available, the new fabric will be shown in listing or you will be sent a message regarding the change. Small items like trims, buttons, zippers, lace ruffles, buckles, etc may differ slightly due to what is available from suppliers at the time of your order, these minor differences may not be mentioned in listings and should be expected with custom non-mass produced items. Fabric type is described in the listing, i am not responsible for colors not matching items you already own, or how fabric may appear in photos vs in person. If you have questions regarding such issues they should be asked before purchase. Im more than happy to message pictures of the items that will be used for your item.

**Do not send things back without contacting me first. You must message me regarding a possible issue BEFORE anything is mailed. You are responsible to get the item to me. You must provide tracking information, purchase signature confirmation and inform me when mailed along with what shipping company you have chosen to deliver the item. This information must be given to me within 2 days of being shipped. I am not responsible for items lost, stolen or damaged while on their returned to me. If i do not receive the returned item you will not receive a refund or a replacement and it will be your responsibility to file a report with your chosen mail provider to seek reimbursement for the lost item.
You will be expected to pay for alterations requested after the 14 day limit. I charge $30 an hour, shipping fees are NOT included. Alterations will be completed within 4-8 weeks of receipt. In most cases it is more cost and time effective to have alterations done locally. I do not cover alterations costs done by others.**

**By purchasing an item you are agreeing to all of the above terms and conditions.**

Additional Policies and FAQs

Prices for custom items depend on details and fabrics desired, i have some fabrics on hand but in most cases fabric will have to be custom ordered, as a result custom order prices will be higher than pre-made items listed in the shop. fabrics have been increasingly harder to get at discount prices in my area, many fabric mills have closed and moved to over seas production, making it harder for me to find things. I can not keep all the fabrics on hand at all times.

I price my designs in three categories:
1. Labor - my time and talent creating the item, pattern drafting, size adjustments etc
2. Fabric and material cost - fabric, thread, boning, zipper, hooks eyes, ribbon, etc.
3 Fees- Paypal and Etsy require a percentage of the final project amount.

These three categories are considered for every request and then added together for your final price, shipping costs are never included in a quote, that will be calculated later when you purchase the listing. If you aren't sure about the main aspects of a design i cant give you a definitive price until these things are decided.i don't just pull a number our of thin air, my prices change as the costs of materials change for each order, this keeps things fair for both parties.
calculate any fees you may incur here,

All items are made in a smoke free environment. I do have a dogs but keep them away from fabrics and materials. I do not have cats.

I do not do phone consultations, people have proven they have no respect for my time.
i do not do wholesale orders, it isn't worth my time.
i do not take things on consignment.
I do not make deals for Models or Photographers. The price is as posted always.
I do not allow anyone to borrow or rent clothing, nor do I lone clothing for any reason
I do not exchange clothing for publicity, advertisements, photos, etc
I do not mass produce items.
I do not do Men's or Children's clothing.
I do not make Accessories such as: hats, jewelry, shoes, leg warmers etc
I do not offer bulk deals, it is the same amount of work to create each item regardless of how many items you order.

This Etsy shop is for vintage and vintage inspired clothing so if you have an idea or a picture of something you would like made just message me i would love to work with you. Creating is my passion and i hope you love wearing my designs as much as i enjoy making them :-)

Seller Information

I am located in Greenville, South Carolina. I have over 12yrs professional sewing experience in Theater, Bridal, and Vintage reproductions, as well as creating my own designs.

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