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Reusable cloth menstrual pads. High quality, affordable. FREE US Shipping on all sets. FREE pantyliner with orders over $50. FREE purse sized wetbag with orders over $100. No coupon codes necessary (Freebies will be chosen by me, but I promise they will be pretty)!

Welcome to MotherMoonPads! I am currently CLOSED TO CUSTOMS so that I may focus more on finding that elusive balance between being a mama and a business owner. All convos are answered within 2 business days. Please note that I do not work weekends, so all weekend convos are answered on Monday.

Please note that I am NOT available for co-ops, and I do not participate in blog reviews. I prefer to host my own giveaways. As I offer incentives like the free shipping, free liner on orders over $50, free purse sized wetbag with orders over $100, I no longer offer coupon codes or discounts (aside from my occasional imperfect sale).

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Congratulations on the decision to try out, or make the switch to mama cloth! It is a decision that your body and pocketbook will thank you for over time. Our quality, handmade reusable cloth menstrual pads are designed to last you for years to come!

What length should I choose?

My standard sizes (the sizes most women choose) are:
8.5" pantyliner
10" normal flow pad
12" heavy flow pad
12" postpartum pad

What absorbency should I choose?

MotherMoonPads come in a variety of absorbencies to meet your needs.

Pantyliners are made from just 2 layers of fabric. These are best used for every day discharge, or for on very light days such as spotting.

Normal flow pads have soakers made from Zorb* These are best used for most normal days of your menstrual cycle.

Heavy flow pads have soakers made from one layer of Zorb and one layer of Killington Flannel. These are best used for most heavy days.

Postpartum pads have soakers made from two layers of Zorb. While these are meant for women to use after they give birth, many women also like to use these if they have really heavy cycles.

Which top fabric should I choose?"

This is a very common question. It's true, I do offer quite a few different fabrics. I firmly believe that there is no one pad that will work perfectly for every woman out there, which is why I try to offer many different options. Which one will work for you is truly personal preference.

Minky Pros: one of the most popular fabrics. This is a synthetic, 100% polyester fabric. It resists stains, so unless you leave the pads dirty for well over a week, it tends to not stain. It is incredibly soft as well.

Minky cons: It is a heavier weight fabric, and some women consider it to be hot in the summer time.

Cotton Woven

Pros: Woven makes a very thin pad, it is smooth to the touch (it doesn't have anything "fuzzy" to it like the velours or the minky).

Cons: There is no stretch to the fabric, which makes the pads fit slightly smaller than the other fabrics. Cotton woven does stain.

How Many do I need?

How many you will need will vary from woman to woman. Each woman's flow is different. What I suggest doing is counting (or estimating) the number of disposable pads you go through each day, and add a few to use while you are doing the wash. There is no set rule for how many to buy. Most women go through 3-5 each day though.

If you have any questions at all, please feel free to email me at mothermoonpads [!at]

*What is Zorb? Here is Wazoodle's definition:

"Zorb contains only tangled cellulose fibers from bamboo/cotton/viscose and poly micro fiber, the same fibers found in virtually every AIO diaper on the market – nothing else. These non-allergenic fibers are non-allergenic, durable and easy to sanitize We manufacture Zorb in the USA and Canadian in modern facilities that are safe & friendly for workers and the environment."

Special Consideration for postpartum use

How many mama cloth pads will you need for postpartum use? The answer will depend on a few different factors. You will need to take into consideration:

How often do I want to wash?

Am I using cloth exclusively, or will I be using the disposable pads in the hospital?

Do I have any longer, heavy flow pads in my stash right now?

For most women who are planning on using cloth exclusively, the following will take you through 1-1.5 days. It is recommended that you change your pad every 2-3 hours during the postpartum period.

6-9 Postpartum pads
6 heavy flow pads

If you are planning on using the disposable pads in the hospital and cloth after you come home, you might be able to use heavy flow pads exclusively, with postpartum pads at night.

Washing Instructions

Machine wash warm, tumble dry low
Do not use the sanitary cycle on your washing machine
Tumble Dry low or hang to dry
Do not use fabric softener or bleach
If you are concerned with staining, consider rinsing your pads after use prior to putting them in the wetbag, or use a wet pail. You can also rinse with a water/peroxide solution to minimize the staining.
If you have a yeast infection, you will need to sanitize your pads by sunning them to dry or using Bac-out.
If you have any questions at all, please contact me directly by sending me a convo
Thank you!

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