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Murphy Adams. small paintings

Hi I’m Murphy and I’m a painter of small, quirky narrative paintings and every now and then some clay pieces. My work has been called lots of things but I think I like modern folk, which seems to fit since I’m certainly influenced by American folk art, but I’m also really into the work of outsider and visionary artists.

I normally work pretty small, most pieces are 5x7 inches or smaller, but don’t hold me to that, I occasionally get a wild hair and paint some big canvasses. The thing is, I like working small, my pieces are little scenarios, kind of an intimate moment in time; sometimes I imagine that they’re like peeking through a keyhole when you really shouldn't be. Most are funny, life is funny, I think. Some are sad, life can be sad too. I don’t know, they’re emotional, I’m emotional, I have a hard time not blurting out inappropriate things, or laughing really loud when I’m not supposed to. Anyhow, I paint what I feel and what I see, I keep a small sketchbook that is filled with little scrawly drawings and sometimes I’ll write down phrase or saying or something overheard at the post office.

I usually work on heavy watercolor paper and I use a combination of pencil, acrylics and inks combined with some matte medium. I try and work loosely but sometimes I’ll draw with my left hand just so the result is not too perfect. I hate perfect. My titles are as much a part of the piece as the image. My intent is the equation of words+picture = (imagine an explosion here).

I've been showing my work pretty steady in galleries for about 12 years and for the past few years here on Etsy. It's truly amazing that this venue exists where people from all around the world can find and buy my work. Its really fun to think about bits of my quirky imagination are halfway around the world.

If you want to see more or know more about me I have a website

Here's something classy that a gallery director wrote about me:

Bay Area artist Murphy Adams creates mixed media works primarily in acrylic and ink on paper. Drawing on elements of folk & outsider art, her quirky, naive style is intentionally childlike. Her frank and intimate paintings tackle the triumphs and tragedies of our daily lives as well as explore her own personal obsessions & evil fantasies. While there is a lighthearted innocence to her work, she possesses a sophisticated sense of color and composition. Adams' unique talent lies in her capacity to vividly spew raw emotion; love, hate, joy, compassion, regret, revenge, heartbreak, failure, rejection…but mostly hope.
Murphy Adams
owner, maker
I make stuff, mostly art but also jewelry, clothes, stories and pies.

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