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I have a new store for cannibalized parts called Zombies At Play - Life After Death Recycling. Check it out at: And my crochet patterns and designs will be migrating over to

About the Artist:
Julia is a crochet designer and now hook maker in the Austin, TX area. She is a juried member of Art of Texas, two-time Maker for Maker Faire Austin, Texas Rep for the notorious Crochet Liberation Front and also a member of Austin Craft Riot Etsy Team & Etsy Hookers Team! Additionally, she is a proud Spirit Jumper! - See for details.


What Makes Aberrant Crochet (TM) Different?
For starters, over 33 years of crochet experience, mostly without patterns. I specialize in high-end fibers most people won't buy or work with. I also specialize in special techniques and a method I've developed called "yarn sculpting." If you've heard this term, they took it from me as I'm the first. I'm proud of what I do and hold my work to the highest of standards so my customers are always happy and my work always passes the toughest juries when I want to get into a specialized show. ;) Another specialty I have is in specific design of hook shapes, because your tools are what allow you to do a variety of things in fiber. I make and keep a wide array of specialize handmade hooks (from a variety of master hook makers) to create what I do. I also take on special challenges that many folks believe can't be done. ;) The majority of the patterns I design are considered advanced according to international yarn standards. Currently I am working on designs that utilize stitches that as of yet have no standardization or names. Quite a challenge! Rest assured, a lot of time and experience stands behind every piece I produce. And you will find my crochet to be of excellent structure and quality - even positively tested on the ski slopes in snow. Not all crochet is suitable in certain extremes. You've probably heard that crochet can use more yarn than knitting. Many of my pieces use more yarn than most crochet, yet designed to breath and remain both warm, and yet not too hot.

I like to design things that are practical, useful and yet not too serious. Items that do not require a lot of special care, and yet are stylish, unique and eye-catching. My goal isn't just to make you smile, but everyone who sees you wearing my design. :D I also design many things for folks going through chemo and have received a lot of input from patients over the years. A lot of patients do not want to wear typical turbans (or "death caps" as one patient said to me frankly). As another patient told me once, "I just want to look in the mirror and see a beautiful lady, not a bald head." I have never forgotten this and her words continue to help shape my designs today. I strive to create beautiful and fun shapes that will still be kind to tender skin and can be sterilized. Talk to me if you have a need for a chemo patient. They often have special considerations.

DESIGNER'S NOTE: Though extremely tough, durable and secure, my spider webs and spider web umbrellas are designed with teens and adults in mind, not children. They are not toys and a spider web should never be hung or left where a small child might get tangled in it.

Additionally, the crochet jewelry I design, though again durable and secure and even created with "natural" and soft materials, are unique works of fine craftsmanship that require proper care and maintenance just like any other piece of fine jewelry. They are not designed with children under the age of 14 in mind. For the sake of your investment, please keep in mind the level of responsibility required to take care of these high quality works of art.

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